Rob Means for Milpitas City Council

Standing for Green Jobs, Democracy, and a Future that Works for All of Us.
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Why Vote Rob Means for Milpitas City Council in 2014?

The 2014 election is a tipping point when your vote can make the difference between an accelerating economic and environmental slide or a reversal of those policies that make us less safe, less prosperous, and less connected as a community. This year's election could even break through the obstructionism in Congress and the State legislature. That could clear the way for long-delayed, much needed change and new opportunities that could benefit Milpitas and its residents. Rob Means, after a 20-year computer programming career and 15 years in the light electric vehicle business, is prepared to engage new opportunities as they arise.

The City Council team is responsible for choosing the strategies and policies that will guide us through the next challenging years. Wise choices by Council that support a broad prosperity and mutual responsibility will help us all to do better for ourselves, our families and our community.

If you want an effective City Council team balanced with a progressive voice that works together for a better future, vote Rob Means for City Coucnil.

Watch the two 2012 mayoral candidates, incumbent Jose Esteves and challenger Rob Means, discuss the issues in this 30-minute video from the Candidates Forum sponsored by the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce.

    Some reasons to vote Rob Means for Mayor.

  • Put a sustainability advocate on the Council team.
  • Move the Council in a "green" direction.
  • You know that "more of the same" local government is bad for our future.
  • Rob fought the expansion of Walmart.
  • He wants to help build a new school in the high density transit area.
  • Rob worked to save our hillsides from development.
  • Rob helped out with the School District's measure B to fix our schools.
  • Rob plants trees.
  • Rob started talking about Global Warming ten years ago, but the City Council still doesn't embrace needed changes.
  • That a crossing over Montague Expressway using advanced transit technology is a good idea.
  • Rob gardens.
  • Rob proudly talks of his responsible and capable daughter and two blessed grandchildren.
  • Rob supports campaign finance reform, including support for Prop. 49.
  • Rob is not part of the Milpitas political establishment.
  • Rob is a long-term thinker and doer.
  • Rob organized the Democracy Cafe that provided residents the opportunity to explore ways to strengthen local democracy.

Means for Council 2014, 408-262-8975,
    1421 Yellowstone Avenue, Milpitas, CA 95035       FPPC #: 1366663