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Recommendations for the March 5, 2024 Primary Election ballot

Vote 411
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For those who don't follow politics, here are 2 important points to know:

  1. There are 3 major political groups in America: Republicans (like loser Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and MAGA Mike Johnson), corporate Democrats (like Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi), and progressive Democrats (like Assembly member Alex Lee, Congressman Ro Khanna, and Senator Bernie Sanders). To overcome corporate domination of our lives and governmental corruption, vote for progressives.
  2. Your vote counts more in primaries and local races than in state-level districts, and local candidates are more likely to listen to you after the election.

Vote early and often! Take a tip from the billionaires, vote with your dollars by investing in the campaigns of your preferred candidates. A few candidates have declared they don't accept corporate donations. Invest in progressive corporate-free candidates at SBPA's Endorsements page.

In Milpitas, Rob Means endorses, and progressive voters tend to vote for, the following candidates:

LoopWorks logo

An advanced transit system is proposed to serve the Milpitas BART transit hub. Learn which candidates support the project, and their comments about it.

Registered Democrats only - members of County Central Committee, 24th Assembly District (vote for no more than 6)

  • Member #1 - Anthony Phan
  • Member #2 - Clarence Madrilejos
  • Member #3 - David Cohen
  • Member #4 - Jaria Jaug
  • Member #5 - Jo Nguyen
  • Member #6 - Marsha Grilli

In contests throughout Santa Clara County, Rob Means endorses, and progressive voters tend to vote for, the following candidates:

* Candidates with an asterisk support the Milpitas PRT Project.

Ballotpedia Navigate 2024 Election!

Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Our goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at all levels of government.
Registered Democrats Only

Registered Democrats only - members of County Central Committee, 23rd Assembly District (vote for no more than 6)

  • Member #1 - Cari Templeton
  • Member #2 - Bill James
  • Member #3 - Herb Engstrom
  • Member #4 - Emily Ann Ramos
  • Member #5 - James Kim
  • Member #6 - Marsha Grilli

Registered Democrats only - members of County Central Committee, 25th Assembly District (vote for no more than 6)

  • Member #1 - Omar Torres
  • Member #2 - Jordan Daniel Eldridge
  • Member #3 - Peter Ortiz
  • Member #4 - Brenda Zendejas
  • Member #5 -
  • Member #6 -

Registered Democrats only - members of County Central Committee, 26th Assembly District (vote for no more than 6)

  • Member #1 - Sameena Usman
  • Member #2 - Helen K. Chapman
  • Member #3 - Margaret Yuko Okuzumi
  • Member #4 - Angelica Yvette Ramos
  • Member #5 -
  • Member #6 -

Registered Democrats only - members of County Central Committee, 28th Assembly District (vote for no more than 6)

  • Member #1 - Olivia Navarro
  • Member #2 - Bill Roth
  • Member #3 - James Kim
  • Member #4 -
  • Member #5 -
  • Member #6 -

National Institute on Money in Politics Follow the Money!

Politicians are influenced by funders. Are campaign funds
coming from special interests or regular people?
Learn which candidates, propositions and measures are on your ballot at Vote 411 simply by entering your address. The Registrar of Voters offers a full list of candidates in Santa Clara County.

Track Your Ballot

If you vote by mail this election, you can request tracking information be sent to you by registering with the Secretary of State's Ballot Trax system:

Follow the money

The San José Spotlight is reporting on how San José's 2022 mayoral and city council candidates are getting and spending money.

Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, OpenSecrets is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Our mission is to track the flow of money in American politics and provide the data and analysis to strengthen democracy.

How well do your legislators represent you?

Find out how often your Calif. Senate and Assembly representatives stand up for constituents over corporate lobbyists.
"We do this by increasing transparency on how they vote on important bills and by helping constituents better understand the degree to which big money infects our political process. "
Here are California State Assembly and Senate members by name.
Or simply enter your address to find your representatives and their score.

Is Your Lawmaker a Climate Champion? The California Environmental Voters rates them. Simply enter your address to find your representatives and their score.

Ensure your election contributions go to eco-friendly candidates.

LCV Victory Fund and NRDC Action Votes collaborated to develop GiveGreen, which provides a nationwide strategy for taking action. The GiveGreen platform offers donors a strategic vision for helping elect candidates who will take real action on climate change, and for making lasting change in our political system. It works to make supporting climate champions as convenient and impactful as possible. We’re stronger when we work together. Political giving through GiveGreen maximizes your impact by demonstrating the power of our pro-environment and pro-climate donor community.” Like ActBlue, GiveGreen provides an easy way to contribute to U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates. Or simply enter your address to find your representatives and their score.

Congressional Republicans voted against We the People.
Our Revolution Recommendations - Bernie Sanders founded Our Revolution to build power from the bottom up.
Sacramento County Recommendations.
Democratic Party of San Francisco County Central Committee Recommendations.
Also endorsed are Judges Michael Begert and Patrick Thompson of the San Francisco Superior Court.
Alameda County Recommendations.
Contra Costa County Recommendations.
Alex Mohajer is running for California State Senate in the 37th Senate District, representing his hometown in Orange County, CA.
Sade Elhawary for CA State Assembly (District 57) is an educator, organizer, and foster parent.
Tina McKinnor for CA State Assembly (District 61) has served as Chief of Staff to several Assembly members and led the passage of over 100 bills.
Nithya Raman is the most progressive choice for LA City Council (District 4).
For Pasadena City Council, we’re proud to back Jonathan Horton (District 3) and Brandon Lamar (District 4).

Courage California's Progressive Voters Guide
Although providing no recommendation on Prop. 1, they offer candidate voting guides by address -- and by county, including Santa Clara County.

Green Party of Alameda County Recommendations
The Greens provide guidance on both East Bay candidates and local measures.

Santa Clara County Democratic Party Recommendations
Check their endorsed candidates from state-level to local measure recommendations.

California Democratic Party Recommendations
Enter your address to see the CDP's state and national endorsed candidates.

Climate Action California Elections Voters Guide
Climate Action California Elections rigorously reviews and endorses state Senate and Assembly candidates who will continue - and expand upon - California's global leadership and clean energy policies.

South Bay YIMBY Voters Guide
Here is a limited list of South Bay candidates.

California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) Action
Check their endorsed candidates for state-level recommendations (mostly Central and SoCal based candidates/districts).

Republican Party Recommendations for all of California
Meet the CAGOP Endorsed Candidates offers recommendations by office.

Planned Parenthood Recommendations for all of California
Here is their Voter Guide to Statewide Endorsed Candidates.
Here are ballot measure endorsements.
Here are Local Area Candidates.

The South Bay Labor Council provides a guide to local, state, and Congressional candidates.

San Jose Mercury/News Recommendations
Here are the Mercury News and East Bay Times editorial board endorsement editorials for Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

South Bay Progressive Alliance Recommendations

The South Bay Progressive Alliance only considers candidates for endorsement who make 4 affirmative pledges - including refusing donations from corporations. Each of these candidates submitted answers to an extensive questionnaire. Links are provided to support their campaigns with money or time.

If you are confused about a candidate or measure
and have no trusted source to guide you, it's actually best to NOT vote on that one.
Voting is not a school test; leaving some empty spaces does not hurt you.

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