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Progressive Recommendations for the June ballot of 2018

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Rob Means is dissatisfied with how the "lame stream" media covers campaigns that affect us all. Rather than talk about issues, profit-driven media focuses on (and deliberately magnifies) the horse race (who's ahead, who's behind) and drama (he said, she said) aspects of campaigns. Ignore all that noise. Instead, consider the recommendations of progressive organizations. Voters inspired by progressive values, Bernie Sanders, and Pope Francis take note.

Statewide Propositions

Code Prop. # Description (longer description/analysis)



$4B Bond for Parks, Drought Protection, Climate Adaption



Require Diesel Tax to Be Spent on Transportation Stuff



Give Republicans & Corporate Dems Power over Cap and Trade Funds



Delay Effective Date of Ballot Measures Until All Ballots Are Counted



Rainwater Capture Systems Won't Trigger Property Tax Assessments



Raise Bridge Tolls $3 Over 7 Years to Fund Transportation Projects

Elected Offices and Candidates

Code Office Candidate's Name
G1 Governor John Chiang
G2 Governor Delaine Eastin
G3 Governor Josh Jones
G4 Governor Gavin Newsom
L1 Lt. Governor Jeff Bleich
L2 Lt. Governor Ed Hernandez
L3 Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis
L4 Lt. Governor Gayle McLaughlin
S1 Sec. of State Michael Feinstein
S2 Sec. of State Ruben Major
S3 Sec. of State Alex Padilla
C1 Controller Betty Ye
T1 Treasurer Fiona Ma
T2 Treasurer Kevin Akin
Code Office Candidate's Name
A1 Attorney General Dave Jones
A2 Attorney General Xavier Becerra
I1 Insurance Comm. Nathalie Hrizi
I2 Insurance Comm. Asif Mahood
I3 Insurance Comm. Ricardo Lara
B1 St. Brd. of Equal. Malia Cohen
B2 St. Brd. of Equal. Cathleen Galgiani
N1 U.S. Senator Kevin De Leon
N2 U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein
N3 U.S. Senator Pat Harris
K1 Congress #17 Ro Khanna
E1 St. Senator Bob Wieckowski
F1 Sheriff John Hirokawa

Organizational Endorsements

Who do you trust? Since you and I don't have time to research the 5 state-wide ballot measures and dozens of candidates, we often depend upon the recommendations of others. The table below shows the endorsements of some better-known "progressive" organizations. Some, like the Democratic Party, are evolving. Others, like the Green Party of Alameda County, are less tainted by corporate money. For those interested in background information on candidates and propositions, the San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters offers a frank discussion of each of their recommendations.

Organization G1 G2 G3 G4 L1 L2 L3 L4 S1 S2 S3 C1 T1 T2 A1 A2 I1 I2 I3 B1 B2 N1 N2 N3 K1 E1 F1 P8 P9 P0 P1 P2 R3
California Democratic Party Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Green Party of California Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y
California Sierra Club Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
California Super-Progressive Anti-Corporate Political Activists Y Y Y Y Y
California Common Cause Y
Calif. League of Conservation Voters Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y
California Nurses Association Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
California Teachers Association Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Progressive Democrats of America-CA Y Y Y
SF League of Pissed Off Voters Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y
Rob Means Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y

Other recommendations from Rob Means:
Assembly District 24: Marc Berman
Assembly District 25: Kansen Chu
Assembly District 27: Ash Kalra
Superior Court #4: Vincent Chiarello
Persky Recall: NO
Alternative Judge: Angela Storey
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond
Santa Clara County Assessor: Larry Stone
Santa Clara County District Attorney: Jeff Rosen
Santa Clara County Supervisor District 4: Susan Ellenberg

San Jose City Council District 3: Raul Peralez
San Jose City Council District 7: Omar Vasquez
San Jose City Council District 9: Shay Franco-Clausen
San Jose Measure B: NO (Deceptive proposal undermining City's ability to require fair impact mitigations)
San Jose Measure C: YES (Establishes City's right, rather than developers' to determine future land uses)
Santa Clara Measure A: YES

Other trust-worthy organizations with information:

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