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Recommendations for the November 2018 ballot

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Statewide Propositions
Prop. # Description (longer description/analysis) (Pete Stahl's analysis)


$4B Bond for Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond


Allow Previous Bond Money to Be Used for Homeless Housing


$8.9B Bond for Water Projects


$1.5B Bond for Children's Hospitals


Expand Prop 13 for Property Owners


Eliminate Gas Tax


Eliminate Daylight Saving Time


Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Charges


Divide California into thirds (removed from ballot)


Repeal Costa Hawkins! Allow Expansion of Rent Control!


Require Private Ambulances to Remain on Call During Work Breaks


New Standards for Confinement of Farm Animals

Organizational Endorsements of Propositions

Who do you trust? Often we don't have time to read and understand the 12 state-wide ballot measures, so we depend upon the recommendations of others. The table below shows the endorsements of some better-known organizations. (Prop. 9 which would have split the State into thirds was removed from the ballot.)

Organization                     Proposition # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9) 10 11 12
California Democratic Party* Y Y Y N N Y Y (N) Y N Y
California Republican Party* N Y N Y Y Y N (N) N Y N
California Libertarian Party* N N N N Y Y N N N
Green Party of Alameda County* Y N N Y N N Y Y Y N Y
Progressive Democrats (PDA-CA)* Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y N Y
350 Bay Area Action* Y Y N N N Y Y Y N Y
California Sierra Club* Y N N Y Y
California League of Conservation Voters* Y Y N N
CEJA (CA Environmental Justice Alliance) Y Y Y Y N N Y Y N
Greenbelt Alliance Y Y N
TransForm Y Y N Y
Silicon Valley Community Foundation Y Y Y N N
California Labor Federation* Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y
California Chamber of Commerce Y Y N N (N) N
Consumer Watchdog Y Y N Y N N N Y N
Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley* Y Y N Y N N N N Y N Y
Bayshore Progressive Democrats* Y Y N Y N N Y Y Y N Y
Progressive Elections Forum Y Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y
Courage Campaign Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y
Million Voters Project Y Y Y Y N N Y Y N
California Alliance for Retired Americans Y Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y
San Jose Mercury-News* Y Y N Y N N N N N Y Y
League of Women Voters (Calif.) Y Y N N N N Y
SF League of Pissed Off Voters* Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N Y
Pete Stahl Recommends Y Y N Y N N Y N Y N Y
Craig Dunkerley Recommends Y Y N Y N N Y Y Y N Y
Rob Means Recommends* Y Y N Y N N Y Y (Y) Y N Y

Courage Campaign has created a voter guide similar to the above that includes American Civil Liberties Union,
CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), California Calls, PICO CA Action, and Service Employees International Union CA

Recommendations for Elective Offices

* Half of the organizations listed above endorse candidates. Many also endorse local measures. Click on the name to learn more.
The Sierra Club (Loma Prieta Chapter) has endorsed many local candidates and measures.
The South Bay Progressive Alliance has endorsed other progressives candidates seeking office in Santa Clara County.

Dissatisfied with how the "lame stream" media covers campaigns? Consider the recommendations of progressive organizations in the table above. Voters inspired by progressive values, Bernie Sanders, and Pope Francis may appreciate the following.

Rob's Recommendations for State and Federal Elective Offices:

If you are not sure what a proposition really means or whether it's good or bad, and have no trusted source to guide you, it's actually best to NOT vote on that one. Likewise for candidate races. By not marking that proposition or candidate, you don't risk either supporting something/someone that's bad, or opposing something/someone that's good.

Rob's Recommendations for Milpitas Elective Offices and Local Measures: The entire list of candidates known to the SCC Registrar of Voters can be found here.

Video recordings of live interviews with Milpitas candidates are provided by Milpitas Beat. The Milpitas Beat hosted an unprecedented day of conversations with candidates up for election this November. Each interview was captured live, and provided the candidates with an opportunity to discuss why Milpitians should vote for them in the upcoming elections. Go to their homepage for all the latest news, or link directly to the particular issues and races that interest you:

Other trust-worthy organizations with information:

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