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Common sense compels us to appropriately staff essential city services so we protect our families, businesses, and neighborhoods.

On the specific matter of outsourcing the Police Department, Rob Means agrees with the sentiments of Choose the MPD.

Rob Means agrees with 2012 Council Candidate Mark Tiernan:

"... the Mayor of Milpitas and 2 City Council members voted to move forward with a RFP that ultimately could replace our Police Officers by outsourcing police service for our city. This action is a prime example why it's time for a change at City Hall."

As with any outsourcing of City jobs, the residents of Milpitas lose far more in community well-being that what small amount may be saved in dollars. Learn more from Rob's letter to the Milpitas Post.

Rather than outsourcing City jobs to compensate for shrinking revenues, let's increase revenues by charging polluters.

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