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Primary Issues of the 2014 Milpitas City Council Campaign

Of the many issues that Milpitas residents work to resolve, these rate near the top.

  • Jobs - Create "green energy" jobs that upgrade homes and buildings with water-saving, energy-efficiency and energy-generating features. The Milpitas Post called for such a program in 2010 after the School District contracted for solar panels on school property. Now is the time for PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), a fancy name for low-interest, secured loans. Interested property owners, including businesses, can get 100% financing for their projects, and repay through a small property tax assessment over the next 20 years. This program eliminates upfront costs for the property owner, and provides low-cost long-term financing. Already implemented in 21 states, results indicate both lower prices for energy and lower mortgage default rates.

  • Local Mobility - Build an advanced transit pilot project. Then, extend it into a BART circulator loop that helps people get to/from the BART station, which will reduce traffic all around the transit area. As we add loops, a city-wide automated transit network (ATN) will emerge that saves residents gas money, chauffeuring time, and traffic frustration. At the commons level (the level for which we create governments), it would help clean our air, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The numbers make a strong argument, and so does our timing - if we begin now!

  • Sport/Play Fields - Along with a K-8 school, build jointly-used sports fields in the fast-growing transit area - and reduce the crunch of students and traffic at all Milpitas schools. For over two years, the City Council has blocked the school district's efforts to acquire the necessary land. Simply by taking the deal that the District offered, our City can clear the way to ensuring the quality of life for an estimated 10,000 new Milpitas residents.

  • 3-mins. about Milpitas PRT Pilot Project
    (from Public Forum at May 20, 2014 Council meeting)
  • Democracy - Many ills that Milpitas residents endure result from policies made by others - policies designed to aid the wealthy. To restore a democracy that serves the 99%, we must join with hundreds of other communities calling for a 28th Constitutional Amendment. Like Prop. 49 on your November ballot, we declare that 1) money is not speech and can be regulated, and 2) makes clear that the rights protected by the United States Constitution are the rights of natural persons only. Only when a 28th Amendment overrules the Supreme Court can we take our democracy back from big-money interests, and reform our campaign finance rules.

  • Public Safety - As with psychologist Maslow's Higherarchy of Needs, safety and security is the first priority (after food and shelter). The Milpitas Police Department is the primary factor along with assistance from fire and other City departments. Attracting and retaining these high-quality professionals requires fair compensation, not attempts to undermine their capacity to negotiate.

  • Balancing the Budget - Most city revenues depend on a strong local economy. By maintaining and building infrastructure (like schools and transit), we can recruit and retain local businesses. By keeping money in the local economy, our local economy remains strong.

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