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Rob's Background

After a 20-year career in computer programming (communications), Mr. Means left corporate America in 1992 to work on community-oriented projects. His continuous involvement since then with the Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association (SNA) has supported community building, local activism, and on-the-ground improvements. As an SNA event champion, Mr. Means spearheaded three annual Bike and Roller Fests and the Democracy Cafe. The most prominent SNA achievement is the two-mile long Hetch-Hetchy linear park/trail that stretches from Town Center to the northern city limits.

During his ten-year tenure on the Bicycle Transportation Advisory Commission (now BPAC) he got the ball rolling for the planning and construction of creekside trails in Milpitas. During that time, he was instrumental in putting the Yosemite/Curtis crossing of the railroad tracks (near the Great Mall) on the Bicycle Master Plan, Trails Master Plan, and Mid-Town Plan.

As the small business owner of Electro Ride Bikes and Scooters since 1996, he knows our transportation challenges - and solutions. The future lies in providing attractive alternatives to the automobile, not expanding the footprint of a system that requires foreign energy, vast amounts of land, and pollutes our air and water. Light electric vehicles offer a path forward that dramaticly reduces the costs that come with the current transportation paradigm.

After running for City Council in 1994 and 2014, Mr. Means has remained active in local politics by writing incisive letters to the Milpitas Post, participating in local campaigns (for candidates and propositions), and working for a sustainable Milpitas. Rob has lived in Milpitas since 1977, and shares his home with a loving wife and three cats.

(Photo from left: wife Carol, grandchildren Zen and Isabelle, Rob, daughter Robin)

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